Food Finds: Filipino Food and Drinks at SM Mezza 2 Quezon City

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We love food, we love to try out new cuisine but at the end of the day, we go back to what our tongue is really looking for, a taste of own; a taste of own Filipino food. 

Located at the ground floor of SM Mezza 2 are 2 Filipino restaurant that we could proudly call our own

 First stop, let check out Teresitas of San Fernando

From breakfast till dinner, Teresitas of San Fernando has something for you

I first dine at Teresitas of San Fernando in SM Manila and I could recommend to you my top choices which I guarantee you will keep you hook and keep coming back for more.

Teresitas of San Fernando is known for their Halo-halo, yes; halo-halo

It’s summer time and a serving of halo-halo is what we would need. I don’t know why I crave for their halo-halo considering it has only 3 main ingredients in it, unless of course you wanted a little bit of extra like langka and leche plan.

Hahahaha, maybe it’s because of the ice or it’s just creamy and not too sweet that you could finish it up in no time.

Let’s add something else for the snack, let’s go for the Palabok

Another trade mark of Teresitas of San Fernando is their Palabok; I call it Luglug because it has thicker noodles. 


For dinner of lunch, have a taste of their Kare-kare. A complete meal with rice; this also goes well with the halo-halo


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Besides the three that I mention, Teresitas of San Fernando also offer other Kapampangan delicacies like the taba ng talangka and the buro which I also love.

Not that I am a Kapampangan myself, it’s just that Kapampangan are known to be good cooks and Teresitas of San Fernando could attest to that.

So, if you are looking for that Filipino taste, do drop by at the SM Mezza 2 and get a taste of all the food they offer. There are a lot of dishes to choose from, so better start now.

So, bring your barkada or family and enjoy Teresitas of San Fernando, dine-in al fresco.


For our next restaurant

Not far from Teresitas of San Fernando is Manila’s Best Coffee (They are right beside one another)

Manilas’ Best Coffee serve Filipino inspired coffee

Yup if you are looking for coffee that has a hint of Filipino in them; Manila’s Best Coffee is the café for you

They may have used the same granules as Arabica, Robusta and so on and so forth but what’s interesting about their coffee; it got a Filipino twist on it

They served Coffee with Sili or With Durian and their cups are even named after our very own Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

And that’s not all, this is the only café that serves kakanin

While they also served pastries and cake, Manila’s Best Coffee is also known for their kakanin

They also have their own version of gelato made with Carabao’s Milk


So, that’s it guys

If you need a kick of our very own Filipino cuisine, taste it, eat it, drink it

Head on to SM Mezza 2 and dig in

By the way, SM Mezza 2 is located at Sta. Mesa Quezon City, just across Central College of the Philippines

Happy eating

Thank you for dropping by and till next food find




Lariza Garcia



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