Federal Land extends to Cebu legacy of personifying cities

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Towering over any key city across the country are standout structures that embody its personality—emphasizing the city’s profile, reshaping its skyline, while hinting at its strong economic potential.

For Federal Land Inc. General Manager Thomas Mirasol, the presence of diverse architectural structures in booming cities across the country not only serve to beautify, but also represent what their cities are like and what they have to offer.

“Aesthetic variety among city buildings are proof of the economic progress and the modernity of this country’s best urban areas,” said Mirasol. “Most importantly, distinct structures can serve as new landmarks that capture the essence of their respective cities.”

In a survey conducted by global property portal, Lamudi, western respondents named the Makati Central Business District’s (CBD) skyline as the most recognizable across emerging markets. The Makati CBD, after all, is punctuated by Federal Land’s iconic architectural marvel, GT Tower International with its distinct blade-like apex and eye-catching streamline lights.

Driven by an industrial intuition sharpened through its 47 years of expertise, the premier real estate giant has built a reputation of personifying rising metropolises with their prominent developments.

According to Mirasol, “Luxury residential properties showcase the changing lifestyles of today’s more affluent consumers by harmonizing a cosmopolitan city life with the comfort, and privacy of a suburban home.”

The premier real estate developer, also known for collaborating with reputed global partners and bringing world-class hospitality brands to the Philippines, possesses a portfolio of impressive residential projects. Its iconic award-winning skyscraper, Grand Hyatt Manila and the anticipated $400-million The Seasons Residences in Bonifacio Global City are just some of Federal Land’s landmark structures.

While cities in the country’s National Capital Region continue to flourish with consistent modernization, Mirasol noted that many factors are now driving strong interest and urbanization to regional metropolises like Cebu.

Crowning the Queen City of the South
Consistently marked as one of the country’s top cities, Cebu retains its position as one of the preferred investment destinations outside of Luzon, according to Colliers International’s first quarter report for 2019.

“Cebu’s enduring economic growth has strengthened its market for upscale residential properties,” Mirasol said. “The city’s natural beauty contributes to its effortless tourist appeal, while its skilled workforce continually influences various businesses, including multi-national companies, to set up operations there. This spurs the migration and local settlement of their executives and high-ranking officers.”

With its four-tower Marco Polo Residences atop the exclusive Nivel Hills district in Cebu, Federal Land personifies the city by marrying its classic culture of history and tradition with its chic urbanity. This year, Federal Land will be launching Parkplace, the fifth tower in this luxury condo township backed by the five-star Marco Polo Hotel brand.

“The residences parallel Cebu’s heritage through the Marco Polo brand, fusing Asian hospitality with Western innovations,” said Mirasol.

Architecturally designed to resemble two connecting pearls, Park Place is unique in its visual fluidity and structural integrity. With this design, residential units are strategically arranged to take advantage of the property’s hilltop location, providing a visual sampler of Cebu by framing the panoramic view of the sea, sky, and city. With only 14 units per floor, residents are given a sense of personal space while having access to hotel services for utmost comfort.

Parkplace makes use of the expansive property to provide residents the freedom of space and openness to experience an extensive set of amenities within the Marco Polo Residences township. Within Parkplace, residents have access to fitness facilities such as Circuit Training, Yoga Studio, and Golf Simulation. Recreational areas such as the Art Room, KTV Room, and the Mini Theater also provide families more spaces to connect within the comfort and convenience of their own homes. They also have access to facilities and amenities of the four existing towers and outdoor amenities including three swimming pools, play areas, co-working spaces, function halls, a spa pavilion, and a day care center.

Driven by the growing appeal of Cebu, Mirasol considers Parkplace an expansion of the township, adding another dimension to the city’s persona and fortifying its identity further. “Federal Land is poised to continue developing Marco Polo Residences, precisely reflecting Cebu as it advances and evolves.”

To know more about Federal Land’s up and coming properties, visit: https://federalland.ph

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