Father’s Day, celebrating the man who will always love you and the phone you can always rely on, Oppo

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This year’s Father’s day comes in the midst of a global pandemic, however it doesn’t change how special this day is for the ones who we call, father, papa, erpats, among other ways of endearing the pillar of a family. The person, who for most families are the primary providers, some being the primary home carers, no matter their role in the family they hold a large influence towards their family members. What easier way to celebrate this day than to get your father that new shiny phone, with all those new specs that will surely meet their needs from a phone. The phone brand Oppo is one such brand that offers all these spectacular specs even when you’re on a budget. Oppo offers low-budget but competitive phones with the Oppo A Series, specifically the Oppo A31 and the Oppo A5, these two phones are priced under Php,9000, however don’t let the budget friendly price fool you. These two phones boast an impressive processor that allows the smooth operation of the phone, along with this is a large internal storage that will allow you to store files, photos, videos, and games. The Oppo A5 and A31 both come with a 6 inch display that fits right in your hand but gives maximum viewing capability. You can find these budget friendly phones on Shopee in the Oppo official store https://shopee.ph/oppophilippines.




There are also other options available to you if you choose to splurge and go for a more expensive phone with their phones like the Oppo F11. The Oppo F11 offers a larger phone to screen ratio to allow maximum display, it also boasts of features like Hyper Boost that gives the phone a boost in performance when needed. The phone also has a powerful dual rear camera that gives you clear photos as well as a Ultra Night Mode that ensures that the pictures you take even in low light conditions will become memories for you to cherish and keep. There are also phones priced together with top of the line brands, namely the Oppo FindX priced at a whopping Php, 62,000 this phone can compete with other high end brands and give you satisfaction with the phone that will surely convince you that it’s worth it for its price.




With the growing speed the world advances, smartphones are a necessity to anyone to allow them to follow along to the fast pace of life. Giving your fathers, husbands, or even grandfathers will allow them to keep up with the trends. The greatest gift you can give to the person who gives the most is the ability to keep up with the world using the phone you gave them that holds the key to information with a tap of a finger. This Father’s Day there is no better place to find the perfect phone for your dad than on Shopee, you can get that perfect gift hassle free with one click as well as responsibly following the guidelines of safety during the quarantine, hop on your phones and tap away.

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