Family Support : Important Factor when Fighting TB

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When going through tough times, the people you can rely on the most are your family and loved ones. Especially so for a person who’s going through sickness, the strength to keep on fighting to recover and hope for the better stems from the desire to stay with your family and loved ones. 

For the family of Analyn Biglain, the love and bond that they had made sure that they wouldn’t let their sister be alone to fend for herself while she was struggling. During her third contraction of the Tuberculosis Bacteria she was put under the care of her older sister named Analisa Dublon, a mother of five and grandmother to one. 


Analisa is one of Analyn’s siblings who shared that family who shares in burdens can get through anything, before Analyn was put in her current situation she also helped her sister start her small Buko Business that now helps in sustaining the family of her sister and herself. Analisa’s love for Analyn move her to assist her younger siblings through her trials with TB.


While her two brothers are unable to help her out with one of her siblings passing away but leaving her the beneficiary of a small insurance claim, and another older brother of hers also out of work but sincerely wanting to extend help towards her. 

Analyn is the youngest of her siblings and after her mother’s death, her siblings were the one to raise her up, this feeling of familial love is what gave them the reason to fight for each other. 


When all else fails, the strength and hope that a person needs can come from the love of family. Analyn also found the strength to keep on fighting for her recovery for the sake of her child, seeing the hardships that her family has been going through especially now in such uncertain times, the only things she could do is to do whatever she can to recover. 


With the sentiments of her older sister, when she helped her start her sister’s business up she didn’t expect anything in return, she did what any sister would do helping out your family. That’s why she’s been in disbelief for the help she’s been receiving, she’s felt that the help and support that she’s being given is above and beyond for what she’s already done, but despite this her sister would still continue to help her out because that’s what they are, sisters, and most importantly family.


“Eh sino ba ang tutulong sa yo, eh di syempre ako, kaya magpagaling ka”, says Analisa

 When the world is going against you and nothing ever seems to go your way, always remembering and knowing that there are people who believe and trust in you behind your back, family is a treasure that not everyone can have, so when you have a loving and supportive family there is nothing in this world you can’t face.

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