Expectations vs. Reality at Dingalan Aurora Trip

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For the month of February, I decide to join a travel group bound to Dingalan, Aurora.

Dingalan is a municipality in the province of Aurora. It’s about 3 to 4 hours’ drive from Manila.

Since it was just a day tour, I join them to experience what they called the Dingalan Syndrome. Even Biyahe Ni Drew featured it as the Batanes of the East.

While others are blogging about how to get there, I would like to share my own experience if you decided to visit the place by group.

As for me, who wants to explore and meet a lot of new friends, I choose to join a travel group

What’s good about it is that, you will never be bored during the trip.

We gathered around 1 am in Mcdo Quezon Ave and manage to know one another before our van arrived. The organizer was able to fit us comfortable and that’s what I am looking for when it comes to the vehicle. Even though the van came late, we were able to reach the destination an hour earlier than expected. Congratulation to our very competent driver.

It was so cold when we arrived, the good thing; there’s a store nearby which served hot coffee and cooked noodles as well.

For our first destination, the Tanawan Fall

Going to Tanawan was not as easy as you think, It would take 30 minutes of trekking depends on your pace. It’s a good thing that I was with younger generations since I was assisted going up ( hahahahaha).

It was nice to see the sunrise as we walk  the vast land.

Upon arrival to the entry point, we were asked to register ( for head count ) and pay 20 pesos for the unlimited photos that we took. It was for the maintenance of the site.

I thought that we were close but it took at least another 10 minutes downhill this time to be able to reach the Tanawan Falls.

After an hour or so, we head back to the van for our next destination; the White Beach

Since every one of us has not eaten breakfast, it was decided that we do a  stopover at the market place and eat plus to purchase other things that we need for lunch.

We arrived at the Dingalan Feeder Fort but still have to wait since the boat has not yet arrived and besides, we are still waiting for others who came in late. They came from the North and commute going to Dingalan.

We were  around 20 people and two boats were rented to accommodate us. For protection and safety , we need to wear vest during the trip.

Since the waves are too rough to , we were not able to get near Lamao Caves which I heard was a tourist spot as well in Dingalan.

We head on to White Beach where the famous Dingalan Lighthouse is located plus the Mountain View side as well.

White beach has rocky shore, I don’t think it was a perfect place to swim.

It was decided that we have our lunch first before going up, we do need the energy because it was uphill and it would take around 30 to 45 minutes going up, not to mention that it was raining and the area is slippery.

After lunch, we head on to the lighthouse, the view was magnificent, the bad news, we are not allowed to go up the  light house. There are guide who assist us and never left us during the climb. Thank you to those people. They really know to take care of their visitors.

After some photo session with the group, we head down again  since it was raining again.  Since I am wet already, I didn’t mind the rain.

I decided to follow one of my companions to go up to the mountain.

The bad news; its slippery and more difficult to climb.

The good news, the view is more breath taking than the lighthouse.

The fun part, It was the just the two of us who decided to climb the Mountain View

It was around 5 pm and we decided to get back to the fort so that we could able to take photos as well at the Dingalan landmark. It was getting dark so need to hurry plus the waves might get nastier because of the rain.

For the day tour, I paid 1,150 which I think is reasonable considering it includes

  • Van- to and from Q. Ave /Dingalan Aurora
  • Food for Lunch- Boodle Style
  • Tour Guide
  • Boat and Lifevest

Thoughts about the Trip

Don’t expect white sand at White Beach

It’s better to head on first at White Beach  so that you could enjoy Tanawan Falls if you prefer swimming.

Dingalan Fort opens at 10 am


Till my next travel, I only write what I experience. I don’t intend to spoil your expectations. I just want to inform you about the reality of the trip

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