Elken introduced its New Product, Bio Pure Ultra

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For the past 22 years since it was established in 1995 by founder AK. Tan and S. L Ho, Elken has been part of people who believe in their vision of nurturing life and empowering people to realise their dream. It has nurtured and empowered its people trough quality training and knowledge sharing, journeying with them every step of the way to grow their business.

Recently, Elken introduced its new product, Bio pure Ultra.

We were present during the event and I personally have tried their other products for detoxification and for nutrition balance. I may say that I had a good experience with it.

Now for Bio Pure

Bio Pure, the water treatment brand of Elken is the latest water treatment system which aims to provide clean and safe water for a healthier life

So, what’s good about Bio Pure

The new Bio Pure Ultra Water treatment system features a 4-step filtration system that filters fine particles, bacteria, harmful cysts, parasites and organic chemical contaminations.

The filter technology used in the Bio Pure Ultra is a membrane filtration system where hydrostatic pressure forces tap water which could contain bacteria, pesticides, sediments or other contaminants against a semi permeable membrane for great tasting safe water.

With four stages of filtration, the stylish and compact design of the Bio Pure ultra-ensures clean and safe drinking water for your family straight from the tap.

Stage 1 of the filtration system includes a sediment filter which filters particulate contaminants down to 1 micro in size, Stage 2 includes an organic granular activated carbon pre-filter which removes virtually all organic chemicals. Stage 3 is the Ultra filter which is used to remove bacteria , cysts , microscopic worms, parasites and other harmful organisms in addition to removing particles down to 0.1 microns in size. The 4th stage includes an organic granular activated carbon post filter which deodorizes and polishes the water to improve its taste.

The Bio Pure Ultra is another one of Elken’s  excellent product in its range of superior water treatment system. It makes tap water clean and safe so that you and your family can drink great water.

For more information, contact the Elken customer service hotline at +63 905212 5908 or email them at customerservice@elken.com

There is no harm in trying out product that we think would be beneficial to our family’s health. No amount of money can be compare to one healthy individual.

I am not saying that you should buy this product but at least give it a chance with more research.

Our family is our priority and we should always take good care of them by providing products that we think or believe would be beneficial to their health

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