Eat Right and Live Healthy : How to Live Your Life to Fullest with Glucerna

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Growing old is a natural part of life, but who says that just because you’re old you can’t do things you did regularly in the past.

Being a mom of 5 I have had my fair share of troubles, stress, and beautiful moments. This year I am turning a year older than I was the year before, let’s keep that number a secret, but because of this I am starting to feel my age, more grey hairs are popping up and I get tired easier. Despite this I still want to be able to do things I love when the circumstances allow me to again. To do this nutrition plays an important role for this, but eating normally as I usually do doesn’t allow me to get the nutrients I need.

Because of this I would like to recommend Glucerna, Glucerna is a product of Abbott a long standing health company that has served people for years. Abbott is working in partnership with Shopee, an online selling platform that almost everyone has come to download on their phones. Glucerna is a food supplement that comes in the form of milk, it is packed with vitamins and nutrients that my body needs. Additionally, Glucerna has a Pro-Insulin System, a scientifically-formulated blend of activated carbohydrates and healthy fatty acids that work in your digestive tract to help stimulate the release of hormones that promote your body’s natural insulin production.

Most drinks being problematic due to them being mostly sugary, as we all know an excessive amount of sugar can lead to Diabetes and even more so for older adults, what Glucerna does for me and everybody else is to allow us to have proper intake of nutrients while safeguarding us from one of the most common age-related diseases out there, diabetes.

There are a few variants of Glucerna that you can get off of Shopee mall, the Glucerna SR Chocolate and the Glucerna SR Liquid Vanilla Tetra pack for the ones on the go.

Abbott in partnership with Shoppee also aims to take care of the nutritional needs of the family through their other products such as Similac Gainschool, and Ensure Gold. Abbott aims to equip families with proper healthcare through a proper diet, Dr. Jose Dimaano, the resident Medical Affairs Director said “Proper nutrition is the foundation of living your best life”.

So join me in living our best lives by buying Glucerna and other Abbott products that will ensure that we are able to fulfill our body’s needs. In times uncertain the best thing to do is to prepare, nothing comes close to the care of giving the best nutrition that the products Abbott offers. Invest in your health together with me as we go on a beautiful journey of getting old.

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