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Sabi ko nga, every year, I need to go out of the country ; and this time; it’s Taiwan.
I heard a lot of good thing about Taiwan and I want to explore those places that I saw on IG post of other travelers. And so, for four nights and three days; I explore Taiwan.

As much as I enjoyed doing a DIY para makatipid or para maka adventure in Taiwan, my know how was not enough. The good thing was, there’s KKday to the rescue. On our second day, we book a whole day tour with KKday.

My EAT, EXPLORE Adventure with KKday

It’s going to be a whole day event , so dapat prepare daw kasi for long walks and adventure. It was raining so, nagdala na ng rain gear for protection. I eat a heavy breakfast for energy and brought my rain coat as well.

The good news is, the pick up venue was just 10 minutes away; so we have enough time to prepare. It’s better to be early than maiwan ng bus, mahirap humabol plus mahal ang taxi or grab

It was actually easy to find the place and KKday personnel since they have flag with them that could be easily spotted. The pick-up point is the EAST GATE of the Main Taipe Station.

Ang dami namin but each group has their own bus and tour guide to assist us, in our case; there’s the jolly BOBO and not to mention our special bus

We booked the Jiu fen, Yehliu and Shifen Day Tour


Our first stop; Yehliu
It was raining, that’s the bad news
The good news, it was really amazing to see those rock formation . As in nakakaloka, it only shows just how much nature can be a good artist. Rock are form in different shape; actually bahala ka nga kung just how imaginative your mind can be para makita mo ang different images like the mushrooms, slippers and other forms. The best ung Queens’s head

you should know san ka dapat tatayu para makuha mo ung good angle at formation ng stone.
Go straight to the Queen’s head line pag pasok mo sa Yehliu Geo Park, kasi ang haba ng pila. After that, you can proceed sa iba pang rock formations
There’s also a deck where in , makikita mo lahat ng rock formation.
There is also a replica of the Queen’s head kung ayaw mo pumila, pero syempre, iba pa rin ang original

Ang entrance fee pala ay TWD80, di sya kasama sa tour fee

Besides the rock formation, you can also enjoy the seaside view of the Yehliu Geo Park

And since it’s raining, we had to go back to bus agad and wait for the other and procee to the next stop


So what’s so interesting about this place
It’s a train station, maliit lang ung area but this is the best place where you can fly a lantern.
With KKday, the hassle of making pila and pili the colors of your lantern was made easy.
Nasa bus pa lang kami, BOBO was able to order ahead of time kasi na-get na nya ung order from us while we were travelling.

In fairness, ready na si BOBO, with all the color combination and prizes, mas mura compared kung kami ang magbili sa store. While others are paying TW200, we only paid TW190 and divided the amount, among the five of us.

Nakakaenjoy ung pag write ng mga wishes mo sa paper. Each color signifies for something, like health, wealth , career and more
If your lantern daw ay lumipad ng mataas na mataas, then you’re wishes will come true
Eh ang layu ng narating ng lantern naming, so our wish will come true

May taga picture din from the store so di na problema kung lahat sa group ay kasali

There are other tourist spot as well sa area; like ung bridge and there are lot’s of store where in you can purchase food and souvenirs

BOBO reminds us, that we could purchase food in the area if we are hungry, but if we could wait a little bit more, our next stop Jiufen, is the perfect place to dine.

And true enough, there are lot’s of food establishment in Jiufen. The place is crowded with tourist but there are lots of food to enjoy. We tried all the dishes on one restaurant plus peanut ice cream for dessert and stinky tofu as well. There also this Amei Tea House that is very popular to the tourist because of this animated film Spirited Away. I may not be a fan of anime but it was surely a site to behold.

There are free taste for food and tea, and daming teaaaaaa, hahahahah, so happy and busog

It’s an adventure to do a DIY but it’s better to have a reliable tour guide like KKday kasi you can enjoy the scenery plus information bonus from BOBO about the history of the place.

So if you are plan to travel , Taiwan man or any part in the world or even here in the Philippines, there is a KKday you can count on.

Visit KKday website and download your own KKday app para mas madali plus there are other promos for first time user as well

So wait kayu where I will be next time kasi I will make sure to check to check kung may KKday dun para mas hassle free ang aking travel tour.

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