DJ Sheryl Lynn’s  music and fashion Passion

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Everyone was pumped up with excitement as Dutch-Filipina Sheryl Lynn Callister, celebrated DJ in the Netherlands, presented a fabulous night of endless music on the launch of her career as Asia’s top celebrity DJ in Manila.

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The former beauty queen performed track after track of amazing house music to her friends, members of the press and guests who attended the event. Among those who partied were MPG National Director, Carla Cabrera Quimpo, Ms. Earth Philippines-Air 2003 Natalie Tarin, and comedian Jerome McCuin.

(L-R) Michael Nadal and Ruth Jagodilla
(L-R) Heiko David Spanjer and Renato Martinez
(L-R) Marlon Venida and comedians Jun Chris Bacula and Jerome McCuin
L-R) Lachlan Teague, Ms. Philippines-Earth Air 2003 Natalie Tarin, and Honey Alba
(L-R) MPG National Director Carla Cabrera-Quimpo and DJ Sheryl Lynn
DJ Sheryl Lynn

“It was so much fun performing for the wonderful people in a place which I call my second home,” quipped DJ Sheryl Lynn. “I look forward to performing more in Manila with its vibrant and exciting nightlife”.

DJ Sheryl Lynn’s exciting music got even more entertaining with the presence of MC Orion who enthusiastically drew in the crowd. A glamorous fashion show was also presented featuring Cherry Samuya Veric’s elegant collection. And finally, the night ended with wonderful streams of music from DJ Sheryl Lynn’s online radio show, Heartbeat Radio, which earned the top spot in various music charts on Mixcloud including the renowned Dutch House Chart.

Other than being a DJ, Sheryl Lynn is also known as a former beauty queen winning the Ms. Netherlands-World title in 2006 and international Mrs. Globe in 2013. She is also a model, host, and philanthropist, being the founder of Sheryl Lynn Foundation which continuously helps hundreds of children get proper education and brought relief aid to thousands of families after super-typhoon Yolanda.

She brought all of these wonderful attributes with her to Manila, so be sure to check her out. Follow her on Facebook at, and or on Instagram @_sheryl_lynn_. You can also listen to her latest sound in house music at or simply visit her websites and




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