DIY Hotpot at Home: The Tough Mama Way

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I love noodles, ramen and hotpot and I want to have it every time I crave for it. I can’t get enough of the soup and noodles and with Hotpot or Shabu Shabu, I can have it all.


Definition of Hotpot: credit to Google

Hotpot, consists of various raw meats, vegetables, noodles, tofu, seafood and dumplings, which are dropped into a shared or individual pot of hot flavored broth using chopsticks in order to cook the items. The items are then fished out with chopsticks or a strainer and enjoyed, often with additional options of broth, rice. Hot pot can include any variety of meats, vegetables or noodles depending on individual tastes. In Japan, it is called Shabu Shabu


How to DIY Hotpot at home

  • Prepare the broth, it can be bone or fish and put spices like herbs, garlic, spring onions for flavor and let it simmer. I did notice that there are ready made hotpot broth in some supermarket, will research for the place in another time. You can also add spices if you want it hot.
  • Prepare your ingredients. It your choice, get those meat (thinly slice beef), meatballs, tofu, eggs, dumplings, veggies, seafood, noodles, the list is actually endless, it’s your hotpot, it’s your choice
  • Prepare your Equipment

There are several ways you can prepare you hot pot, but I believe that induction is better since it’s safer (no gas canister exploding). Mine is a Tough Mama

I was able to know and learn more about Tough Mama brand during its media launch

TOUGH MAMA, a brand dedicated to delivering first-class yet affordable appliances in the Philippines.

Appliances that are not only made simple and can provide the best value for your hard earned money but can allow you more time to enjoy life with your family. Home to good and cheap appliances in the Philippines, you can be sure that Tough Mama’s offerings are made from premium-quality materials designed to last for a lifetime.

The company behind Tough Mama

CHERENZGLOBAL MANUFACTURING, INC. was created out of an unserved market demand. With twenty years of first-hand knowledge in the manufacturing and marketing of the family Nikon Home Appliances, the people behind Cherenz Global Manufacturing, Inc. have accumulated enough experience to merit a thorough understanding of the Philippines small appliance industry, consumer habit and preferences.

Our aim is to continue the goodwill of the Nikon Home Appliances and place our own creative mark on quality products through the TOUGH MAMA brand for women’s and kitchen appliances (electric fans, rice cookers, hair tools) and through modern flip calendar clocks by international brandsTWEMCO and ICON.

Why choose Tough Mama

  • Easy, User-friendly and Versatile
  • Affordable yet Good Quality
  • Innovative
  • Good Customer Service and after sales


Tough Mama is being distributed nationwide

For more details, you can check out










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