Disney Marvel SuperHero for A day at Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp

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And I thought we were early but just like what other parents would do, we make sure that we are on the starting line of what I thought was just a simple day for me and Dhandrew.

Together with other more than 500 kids, we join the Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp last Nov 20, 2016 held at SMX4 Mall of Asia. Kids age 4 to 10 (well younger and older were there to join the fun) join the one day activity host by Alaska. Kids were made to choose which activity they would like to join, Disney Marvel or Frozen Mission.

Watch our video for what happen at Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp 2016

We got a wristband with same number for security purpose
Getting ready for the big day

Dhandrew definitely choose Disney Marvel, and patiently line up to join the other kids.
There were actually a lot of things to do but I was too tired ( yes, I am the one who got tired running around making sure that he enjoy it which he actually did) to let him do other stuffs.

Never mind the pagod, just as long as there’s an Alaska to drink

The Alaska Ultimate Mission Camp was an activity fun and exciting and it gives the child a chance to test their speed, creativity, strength and agility. At the end of it all, what matter most is the smile on each kids at they received their medal for the whatever activity that they participated

Congratulations Alaska for putting a big smile on my Dhandrew and to every kid that join the event.


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