Discover The Pride of Kawit, Cavite

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A trip to the historical province of Cavite took me to wonders that I had no idea existed or at least a vague idea of it. In my trip to Cavite I went to three different places that have ties to each other. These three places are some of the pearls that emerged before and after we were freed from the Spaniards.

The first is Aguinaldo Shrine, ancestral home of the first Philippine president, as well as the grounds of the first appearance of the first Philippine flag. This place was also where the declaration of independence by President Aguinaldo came to be. This place ironically also happens to be the final resting place of President Aguinaldo. This place has become a national landmark due to the many historic events that happened here that proved the courage and love the Filipinos had for their mother country, the Philippines.

The next destination I ventured to was St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church. Now why is this connected to the Aguinaldo Shrine. The Katipunan faction within Cavite was called Magdalo, a group that was led by the brother of the first President himself, this group was named after the patron Saintes Mary Magdalene. Additionally, the codename that Aguinaldo used often was “Magdalo” the more recognized leader of the faction. This church has become a famous as well because this church was where President Aguinaldo was baptized. This church is one of the oldest church that was built in the Philippines.

Lastly, I was able to go to one of the oldest makers of metal arts and crafts, Santi and Sons. Now how is this connected to any of the previous locations. The company Santi and Sons was established on 1906 but officially opened later in the 40’s, but this was not where they began. Their beginnings started with Teofilo Santi wherein they made buttons and uniform regalia for the army of President Emilio Aguinaldo in 1890. This shows that their history and foundation in the craft is very deep. After this they made popular the wearing of class rings that originated from the customs of the American colonizers to signify their status as an alumnus of a certain school or class. The ingenuity of the company shows as they were able to market their products even in the era wherein social media or television did not exist.

However today the company has expanded to other means of marketing and has took to the internet with the help of 024 Digital Media, a company with over two decades of experience. This is the reason why I personally think that Santi and Sons Enterprise is a jewel of Cavite is due to the ingenuity, integrity, vigor and effort this company puts into creating world class metal jewels, trinkets and most of all art. This company is a company that has perfected and continuously works on further perfecting their craft to bring a better service to its customers.

And now, they are venturing to wedding rings which I believe would also crafted in the same standards that each of their product has.

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Lariza Garcia

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