Criteria Employers Look for on a Fresh Graduates

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To survive in this world, one must make a living and jobs are the most important when trying to make an earning. Recently, started surveying the shift in preference for employers when looking for fresh graduate recruits.

There were a few factors that put into consideration, attitude and skills, school, salary opportunities and the new K-12 school set-up. When asked, employers state that they prefer graduates that are highly skilled in both interpersonal and 21st century skills. Knowing how to interact with others is a must, as well as the skills necessary to survive in the modern world i.e. technological know-how.

When it comes to school many business owners said that they prefer students coming from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, University of the Philippines as well as Ateneo De Manila University. These three universities yield students who have a driven attitude and willingness to do work. Two universities outside of Manila have joined this list, the University of San Carlos and the University of Cebu.

Employers believe in the reputation of the schools and believe that they can deliver outstanding individuals to work in their companies. The opportunities for these fresh graduates have become higher since 2016’s 47,339 to 2017’s last quarter of 52,149 job slots. The salary has increased as well, with a few employers nearly offering PHP 20,000 in most scenarios.

Due to the K-12 program implemented five years ago, there are many graduates that are ready to join the workforce this year and 25% of employers asked said that they were willing to accept them. However, these 25% of employers are already showing that they want to trust in what the K-12 program can do for people. Additionally, there has been an increase in entry-level jobs that are offered to fresh graduates.

So, the best time to be a fresh graduate is now, getting a job may still be hard but with all of the changes and advancements in our country, finding a job is easier.

So, from what school are you ?

Did your school made it to the top 10?

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One thought on “Criteria Employers Look for on a Fresh Graduates

  1. I came from pup, batch 2012 but unfortunately hindi na ako nakapag work after graduation kasi mas inuna kong alagaan ang son ko kesa maghanap ng job. Pero ok lang yun kasi, nakikita ko naman na maayos and magaling sa school ang baby ko kaya sa kanya na ako nagfocus. Anyway, so proud na nakakasama ang alma mater ko. Good job!

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