Celebrate Earth Day by buying sustainable products and eco-friendly alternatives from Messy Bessy in Shopee’s Shop Green campaign!

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Dry hands, strong smell, and rough skin, this is what was brought about with the constant use of alcohols, hand sanitizers, and bleach based surface cleaners. The pandemic has caused the majority of people to become clean freaks and even with vaccines rolling out in different countries, the Philippines has the short-end of the stick and still sees minimal usage of the vaccine that would allow everyone to breathe a sigh of relief.


Luckily Messy Bessy is here to help you take care of you, your skin, and your cleaning needs. Messy Bessy is a brand that prides themselves in using plant based ingredients for their products. They offer this as an alternative to chemical based products that often have strong smells and cause skin irritation and drying.


To help you in your daily fight against germs and the drying of your skin, Messy Bessy has opened a shop on the widely-used online shopping platform Shopee. Shopee is pioneering a eco-friendly initiative to support Earth Day, Shopee is holding a Shop Green event with a number of brands that sell eco friendly and sustainable products and by using this link https://shopee.ph/m/shop-green you can also enjoy up to 20% in discounts for products made by Messy Bessy.

You can buy a lot of products by Messy Bessy in their shop, products like the Fruit and Veggie Wash to help clean your produce aside from just washing it down with some water, so you can confidently take a bite on that refreshing apple you just got for a bargain.

They also have the Bamboo Fresh Hand Cream that will leave a wonderfully fresh scent that naturally rejuvenates and moisturizes your hands as well, and if you partner it with the Big Little Warrior Green Tea to sanitize your hands, this is the perfect combination in keeping your hands both clean and moisturized.

Messy Bessy also has your back for your bathing needs, they offer the Hand and Body Wash in Bamboo fresh Scent made from Coconut Based cleaners assuring you that it’s 100% natural and is paraben, sulfate, and toxin free.

After making sure that your body is clean and free from any harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses Messy Bessy also offers 100% natural Surface Cleaners with their Minty Orange Surface Cleaner that will surely bust down any surface of any germs and bacteria. All this can be found in their shop on Shopee,


Messy Bessy strives to provide everyone a clean and green alternative in keeping our bodies and surroundings safe from germs and bacteria. Health is wealth but with Messy Bessy you don’t have to break your bank to ensure you, your friends, and family will be safe from the dangers of germ and bacteria borne diseases.


The Shop Green Initiative of Shopee runs from April 19 to April 25, so don’t miss your chance to buy all-natural products at a discount and safeguard yourself from disease.


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