Bounty Fresh World Egg Day 2017 at Eastwood Atrium

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Eggs has been a breakfast staple in every household and prepare in so many interesting  way; From a simple scramble egg to sunny side up and a lot of other style that you could not imagine .Eggs is known for being a good source of protein and other vitamins as well. ‘

Did you know that all the nutrition in an egg is in the yolk? All the nutrition and vitamins plus minerals are mostly in the egg yolk.

Did you know that Bounty fresh eggs have good eggs with yellow yolk and this is because their chicken are cage free and free range chicken is one of those which produced in a natural way, wherein chicken can run free and act on their own and so then they can produced healthy and tasty egg

And the best of them all, did you know that Bounty Fresh farm will have an event soon in line with the World Egg Day.

Bounty Fresh Farms Inc provider of sustainable fresh table Bounty Fresh Egg will host an event in time for the World Egg Day 2017.

The event will be held on Oct. 12, 2017 at the Mall Atrium Eastwood.

At the World Egg Day event, Bounty Fresh will showcase its endeavor in promoting the consumption of eggs among Filipinos and its commitment to Filipino families in providing them with high quality, safe and premium eggs.  During the event, highlights will be all about Bounty Fresh Eggs featured products and “what’s underneath the shell? ‘’.

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