Ayoko ng Mabaho : Save by Mia Maison Odour Away

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Ayoko ng Mabaho……


Remembering this line sa isang movie ni Maricel Soriano at gaya nya yun line ang linya ko.

I can have a messy home but sana nalang hwag maamoy.

Odor plays a lot to our life as they say. It can either calm us down or mainis

Dirty laundry clothes, food waste, fishy smell, smoke from cigarette are just of the odors that we encounter; and talaga naman nakakainis di ba pag may amoy panis.

Sabin ng lola ko , maglagay ng uling sa gilid ng bahay para daw maalis ung mabahong amoy, so pati loob ng refrigerator namin ay may uling na din. I think it would take about 1 sack of coal for the odor to go away.

Solving this problem now a days is just one bottle cup away with the help of Mia Maison Odour Away aromatherapy oil. While other are finding this a lit bit pricey and for sosyal only daw, I beg to differ.

Odour Away is Mia Maison’s latest innovation helping us saying goodbye to pesky malodors even those tobacco smells. I don’t like tobacco odor that is why all my tenants are not allowed to smoked in their unit, call me maarte but it really stink and it last a long long time.

How Does Odour Away Works


Odour Away oil is able to interact with malodors leading to reduction of the negative perception, giving a pleasant and harmonize smell. Odour Away reduction takes place immediately after and it remains over the area for quite a long time.


Take note on Odour Away

 One cup of Odor Away Aromatherapy oil can last up of 24 hours. Please don’t add water

If you find that there’s no more fragrances and yet there’s still oil in the burner, throw it away and put fresh aromatherapy oil to the burner.

A bottle can last for 1 week to 2 weeks depending on how frequent you change your oil in the burner.

My Observation.

My home is about 25 sqm meter and so far, for about 2 days, I could still smell the lingering effect of the fragrance of Odour Away which makes it efficient when it comes to cost. And therefore, it’s affordable for a frugal mom like me.

Cost saving as well since it can last a long time compare to others.

Safe to use if you use electric burner

Calming ourselves our now easy and I can sleep immediately.


Available Odor Away Scents are


Kitchen Bliss


Kitchen Bliss works by ensuring that your food prep can be much enjoyable when you are not attacked by strong odor from food prep and cooking. Fruity medyley of Raspberries, Sweet Cherries and Peaches are mixed with Red Roses and Aromatic Aldehydes to encounter any fishy scents (literally and figuratively) that may occur in the kitchen and dining area.

Bath Time

Cleanliness is next to Godliness and nothing alludes to cleanliness than soothing bubble baths. Bath Time mimics the scent of floating cool and clean soap suds floating around and about. Sparkling Lemon and Fresh Green Notes washes away weariness of the day as Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and Warm Cedarwood ensures that event he perkiest of bathroom stay amazingly pristine.

Clean Space

Regardless of the state of your living space, you can be in total Zen mode with our Clean Space Oduor Away scent. Green Tea infused with zesty Blood orange and other exotic florals, Clean Space creates order amidst the chaos. Witness this amazingly green scent eliminates the worrisome odors of the day and be at absolute peace.

Anti- Tobacco

The epitome of the Odour Away, Anti-Tobacco harnesses the cleaning scent of Lavender and Bright Citruses. To give Anti-Tobacco long lasting freshness, we added a few marine aromatics to the mix like Watery Notes, Sea Salt and Ambroxian (a chemical derivative of the insanely expensive Ambergris). All of this sits in a bed of warm White Sandalwood. This fresh, inviting scent will elevate smoke-soaked rooms or even your office pantry room


For those interested to get these scents in Waterbased Oil, Aromatherapy Oil, eReed Diffusers and Aerospray ranging from Php 808 to Php4,000 and will be available this month of September.

To stay up to date with everything and anything Mia Maison, follow them on their social media channels www.facebook.com/miamaisonfragrances and instagram at www.instagram.com/miamaisonhomefragnances.


About Mia Maison

It all started at home.

The story of Mia Maison started, well, at home. Right at the then backyard of founder Shirley L. Reyes, various fragrances and scents were being crafted and mixed to be shipped to various department across the metro. It wasn’t until 2006 when Mia Maison formally was formed and opened its first kiosk in Glorietta. Now, almost 13 years after, what started out as a start-up mom’s dream is now the leading local brand in home fragrances.


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