Authentic Greek Experience at Kos Greek Ouzeri

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Since I opt to change my eating habits and lifestyle, I was always on a look out for restaurants that could accommodate my need.

Not far from my children’s school is UP Town Center, where I found one of the restaurants that would cater to my need

Kos Greek Ouzeri, a Greek restaurant that is located at the Ground Floor of U.P. Town Center in Quezon City. They are open Monday to Sunday, form 11:30 am- 9 pm. For reservation and other inquiries, you can call them at 02-287 1558

As for their food, Kos Greek Ouzeri food is a healthy food, it combines mix of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats and unsaturated fats. They have tomato based soup which I love, grilled meat, salad, pasta and brewed ice tea, not to mention their lemon tarragon drink.

What set Kos Greek Ouzeri apart from other restaurant; they are not the usual restaurant that displays an array of food in steam trays for you to look. Kos Greek Ouzeri served food from scratch, fresh, unprocessed seasonal product. It would take at least 15 minutes waiting time before they can served your order but then again, it’s worth the wait

Greek restaurant follow the same ingredients, same procedure but it stops there; Kos has their own secret to follow; their love for their client that they only served the best of what they can offer

The restaurant normally opens six hours before the actual opening to prepare their bread which was baked fresh every day.

By the way, if you are wondering how to learn to cook Greek cuisine, they also manage the First Gourmet Academy.

Here is a video during my food trip at Kos Greek Ouzeri

                                                                            PASTA PASITSIO
                                                                        ARNI ME KRITHARKIA
                                                               SOUTZOUKAKIA SMYRNEIKA
                                                                    GLYKA LOKOUMADES


I had a hard time pronouncing the name of their dishes, but who cares hahahhaha

As long as the food is great, the place is intimate, the staffs  are courteous and the food is reasonable priced.

Quality comes with a price and in this case, you can be well assured that it’s worth every penny

Well, there you have it, my food trip at Kos Greek Ouzeri

Will be back soon with my family

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