Arena and Airwalk launch under Planet Sports on Shopee

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When it comes to an active lifestyle, everything has come to a pause due to the pandemic. The first priority of everyone is to stay safe inside and make sure no one contracts the dreaded virus that has spread across the whole world, an invisible enemy that has swept everyone up into a spiral of fear.

Without a doubt a lot of people have put on a couple of pounds in the months that we were prisoners of our own homes and isolated from others. Being stuck at home, the biggest hurdle that most people had to find things to do to stave off their boredom and anxiety. Having a big feast of your favorite comfort food, a Korean night matching with a nice K-BBQ set, or sweets to give you a sugar rush and comfort your lonely self.

What the quarantine has taught me is the importance of interactions, from the small kamustahans that we have with friends, to the big reunions that we arrange with a big group of people. With everything becoming uncertain, we turn to food to comfort ourselves and because of this it can’t be avoided that a lot of us including myself of course. With signs of a bit of recovery from the virus, and with restrictions getting a lot more lax and even gyms are even being allowed to open up, we have more opportunities to have a more active lifestyle in safety.

To prepare ourselves for a more active lifestyle it’s a great idea to grab yourself a new pair of athletic and sporty shoes, and a nice bag to put your change of clothes after sweating your last meal out. Buying the things you need are a piece of cake with Planet Sports going online with their Online Shop that can be found on Shopee.

Through their online shop you can find a host of many different products, in their catalog you can find the AirWalk Men’s New Basic Canvas Sneakers Shoes, the perfect pair of shoes for that nice walk you’ll soon be having along a nice scenic road.

The AirWalk Women’s Jaden Sneakers Shoes to use for a more intense workout at the gym, or a brisk run at dawn, this pair of shoes can accompany you on your road to physical fitness and achieve that figure you’ve always wanted.

If you’re looking for a change of pace aside from running, walking, or going to the gym having a nice swim is a great alternative for your cardio exercise, then the Arena Basic Goggles is your best friend, as you cool down and take a break from your usual routine.

When going out to exercise though, you need a reliable bag to come along with you as you carry your change of clothes, water bottles, or any other equipment you’d need for working out, you’ll find that the Arena Large Mesh Bag is the perfect companion for you, a stylish string bag large enough to hold all of your essential workout items.

When shopping for exercise essentials Planet Sports has everything you need, from bags to shoes, and even sports apparel, and with Planet Sports going online through Shopee you can bet that getting your fit on will even be easier. You can find Planet Sports on Shopee through your browser using this link or by downloading the Shopee app on Google Playstore or Apple App Store.

Living a healthy lifestyle can be a breeze when you’re fully equipped with the things you need, and with Planet Sports you’ll surely be ready, so go on Shopee to find what you need and more on Planet Sports.

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