All for one, one for all: True Family Bonds Paved the way to recovery

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Health is wealth, this is a common saying that can be heard all over the world, and this saying sums up the importance of health, health is wealth that can dwindle if not taken care of properly but prosper when taken care of correctly.

The road to recovery of any patient suffering from sickness is always long and rocky, while the life of a person is very fragile and can be snuffed out at any time from an unfortunate accident to a terminal illness that one has been enduring for months or years, but it is this fragility that allows people to love better, to live better, and to bond better with others.

In the case of Analyn Biglain, the single mother of a deaf child as well as the youngest of her siblings, she was able to fully experience the tender loving and care of her family, despite the unfortunate circumstances she’s been put in due to her third contraction of the Tuberculosis bacteria.

After suffering Tuberculosis for the third time in the middle of such uncertain times, Analyn’s family was able to come together in support of each other giving a helping hand making sure that each and every one of their family members has shelter above their heads and have food on their plates everyday.

Analisa who despite having a large family of her own, with a business that is barely able to cover for everyone took in her sister without expecting anything from her, taking care of both mother and child along with her five children and one grandchild, Analisa even mentioned that no one else in this world would help her sister aside from her family and she was hopeful for the quick and speedy recovery of her sister so that she could go back to her normal life and be healthy once again. Also, one of her living brothers even showed great sadness knowing that he was unable to help his little sister out in one of her greatest times of need, being jobless right now as well, he also has his difficulties but he always keeps his little sister in mind, the little sister that he along with his other siblings brought up after the death of their parents.

The bond that this family has with each other is surely an inspiring sight to anyone in the world, banding together in support when their loved ones are in times of need. As a parting message from Analyn after hearing her story, she constantly reminds us that we should love life, as it is the greatest gift in the world and once lost can never be taken back, so make sure to show your love, never walk away with a misunderstanding, give your mom or dad a hug before they leave for work, tell your special loved ones you love them, do all things to show your love because you never know when the last time could be.

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