Adobomall to shape the way you shop online, coming very soon

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Something new and exciting is reinventing online shopping as everyone knows it., the Philippine’s first online mall, is hitting the refresh button on online shopping with its revolutionary concept and format.

Shopping is ingrained in the Filipino culture, and wall-to-wall shopping malls, especially on weekends, is a testament to that.

adobo-mall-2, the Philippine’s first online mall

The solution to every shopaholic’s mall woes may just be in Adobomall. Adobomall’s concept is to extend the whole mall shopping experience to the digital landscape; package the whole thing online. Its interface is just like a walk along the halls of shopping malls, lined with retail brands after retail brands—only it’s in your screens.

Signing in Adobomall is as good as entering the mall. Each brand has their own visual store fronts, just like how they would have store window displays. The variety of categories are as wide as well. It’s not limited to just fashion and apparel, or active lifestyle gears and equipment, there are also tech and gadgets and electronics, books, restaurants, and even other services. Making it a real shopping experience at the comfort of your own home!

Most of all, Adobomall will only be featuring well-known brands that receive much love from the local and global market. Working only with the established names in the market guarantees every shopper of secure and hassle-free shopping. Now, you don’t need to worry if the deal is too good to be true!

Represented by a modern take on the traditional weaved bag, the “bayong”, Adobomall is definitely one that speaks of Filipino ingenuity, and one that is set to reshape the way Filipinos shop.

Sure, online shopping has been around but it has never been done like this! There’s online shopping and then there’s REAL online shopping at Adobomall.

Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of Adobomall this October and be among the first to shop in the country’s first online mall.

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