Acuatico Beach Resort: It’s Infinity Pool and More…..

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It seems November 2017 is my most traveled month for the year. I was able to visit three countries (Tri-City), Camarines Norte and Batangas
For my Batangas trip, I was fortunate to visit Acuatico Resort in Laiya Batangas.

Why fortunate?

Acuatico Beach Resort is almost fully booked for the year 2017 and us being able to stay there overnight and to witness a Light Up a Star event makes it more memorable.

Acuatico Beach Resort is a prime leisure resort not to mention their Balinese-inspired modern villas plus the instagramable infinity pool.

It took us three hours from Magallanes to Laiya and together with other friends, we had a wonderful time staying.

So, what’s the best things there is at Acuatico Beach Resort

Welcome Drinks, a refreshing drink that’s not made of power

For someone who are health conscious, this is a plus

You can choose that rooms that would best benefit as to how many are you who will occupy it, but don’t fret for each room locations have its benefits.

The Bed and Shower room

Comfortable bed plus your hot shower with complete toiletries.

We stayed at the Terraza’s; a unique loft room set-up. The bedroom is located at the second floor of the loft and the bathroom is located at the ground floor of the room. We have our own private deck where we can watch the people relaxing at the infinity pool

The floating Bar

The Instagramable Infinity Pool

The Beach and it’s Recreational Activities

The Oceano; for it’s delicious meal

Acuatico Beach Resort is some 140 km from Manila. Getting here is easy: take the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), go straight to the Star Tollway entrance and take the Balete, Lipa, or Ibaan exits. Follow the directions to San Juan town proper and to the main road of Laiya. All in all, it only takes a 3-hour drive from the metro to reach Acuatico Beach Resort, making it the perfect weekend destination.

Acuatico Beach Resort
Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines 4226
Tel: +632 6515972

Acuatico is best for intimate and family gathering. The place is also ideal for occasions like weddings and other occasions. The place is also ideal for team building since the beach is large enough for games like beach volleyball and other activities
The resort is known for its infinity pool and floating bar.
The beach is not ideal for kids to swim so better stay sa pool. May biglang paglalim sa dagat and is not advisable to for non-swimmer
The sand is not that fine, so better wear some slippers kasi mabato sya
There are other activities like banana boat, fly fish, kayak, fly board and jet ski
There is also a game room for adults and kids plus a spa where you can get a massage after your day of adventure.
Oceano serves a wide range of cuisine and the Chef would gladly prepare something for you to make your stay not only relaxing but tummy perfect.
While other might not enjoy the other dishes that would be served, don’t be afraid to ask the chef to cook you something that you will enjoy.
As they say, we have different preferences when it comes to our taste; let’s tell what we prefer and let them work around that.
The view, the infinity pool, outstanding service from the staff is good enough not to mention that this resort gives backs to the community by training students from Laiya National High School.
No resort is perfect, but this was being almost perfect with its infinity pool and more…
Have a wonderful stay at Acuatico Beach Resort like I did; open your heart to the beauty it gives and always remember that they are doing their best to serve you
A simple thank you and a smile is more than enough for them and knowing that you enjoyed your visit to them is a treasure they would keep.
It’s a prime resort and it might be a little bit expensive for others but then again, memories are important as well




Lariza Garcia






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