A Pearl that should be uncovered: Chibo Okonomiyaki

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A slice of Japan, that is how I would describe the restaurant Chibo Okonomiyaki. Why do I say this? The restaurant serves Okonomiyaki as their main attraction of sorts. However, they also offer other types of meals and offer meal sets for you, your friends or family. The moment you step into the restaurant you can already find Japan through the design of the interior. When me and my children ate we noticed that the staff also gives out the vibe of a proper Japanese server as they respectfully bow whenever they bring out an order, clear the table or even fill the water, it brings out the principle of respect that Japan honors itself with. They also lower themselves when taking orders, a clear showing that they treat their customers as superiors while not in a way that is putting themselves down.

With service like this you would certainly feel like coming back and the staff also shows how appreciative they are of your patronage. When I said that by coming to Chibo Okonomiyaki that you get a slice of japan, you would understand why, when you take a slice of their main attraction, the okonomiyaki.

They not only have the classic okonomiyaki but other variations as well, like their best-selling variation, an okonomiyaki designed to be a dessert and shows all the best flavors that Japan offers. From sweet to savory Chibo Okonomiyaki offers a large array of flavors to fully satisfy their customers.


Chibo Okonomiyaki also serves Premium Executive Meals like

Pork Ju – consist of Spinach, Pork Belly Slice in Shoyu Wine Sauce P 488.00

Mixed Seafood Ju- Norwegian Salmon, US scallops, squid and tiger prawn I salt garlic sauce P 688.00

US Angus Beef Ju, US Prime Angus Steak in garlic ginger wine sauce P 788.00

Unagi Kabayaki Ju, Fresh water set marinated in sweet cake and sweet dark sauce P 888.00

Hamburger Steak with Teriyaki Sauce, grated pork and beef mixed with onion, garlic and panko flakes P 488.00

Cheese Burger Steak with Teriyaki Sauce, grated pork and beef mixed with onion, garlic, cheese and panko flakes P 588.00

Osaka Meal, Half Okonomiyaki and half Yakisoba with mentaiko mayo P 588.00

For more updated and inquiry, visit their FB account

With My Children, enjoying a piece of Japan

Just like Paradise Dynasty that originally only had a branch near SM Mall of Asia they have recently opened a branch in The Podium as well. The Chino Okonomiyaki is a pearl that should be uncovered by anyone, so drop by in any of their branches at your convenience.

That’s it guys, I do hope that you could also check them out and do inform me what you like about Chibo Okonomiyaki.

I hope this helps you as well

Thank you for dropping by and till next food trip



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