81 SEIHAI Sushi Lounge : Opening Soon in April

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When it comes to food, there is what I call heaven whenever I come across this cuisine. My mouth water at the site of sushi, sashimi and maki. I think by now, you know what I am talking about; yes, I love Japanese food and I seek far and wide for them (drama effect)

But kidding aside, I really love Japanese food, and my friends knows that

And because of that, I can’t wait to try the Japanese food that will be served at 81 SEIHAI Sushi Lounge.

81 SEIHAI Sushi Lounge is set to open this April 2018 — the latest new hotspot to experience great fusion Japanese cuisine, an Instagram-worthy ambiance in every corner, fantastic yet non-obtrusive music as you dine, and its version of Omotenashi. 



Omotenashi. This is Japanese for hospitality. “Omote” means public face that is an image one would wish to present when outside the confines of his or her home, and “Nashi” means nothing. Combining them creates a wonderful combination that means every service is from the bottom of the heart — honest, no hiding, no pretentions.  We all see this kind of Japanese hospitality in videos posted on social media and we are all left in awe. Wouldn’t it be wondrous to experience that here in Manila too?

Hospitality is taken a notch higher at 81 SEIHAI, more than the usual greetings like “irasshaimase” or “ohayo gozaimasu” — by adding hospitality gestures unique to the restaurant apart from making each customer feel at home, comfortable, and like a VIP.  This extends to how the fusion sushi dishes are prepared.


According to Restaurateur and 81 SEIHAI Executive Chef Ronnie DeGuzman, he believes that hospitality in the form of respect should be practiced by real, honest-to-goodness Sushi Chefs everywhere. He mentions one of his philosophies which is, “Fish die with honor and must be served with honor”.  Something as simple as preparing sushi with utmost precision, passion, and heart can make a world of difference in one’s dining experience.


“I want to bring good food here and I aim to introduce a standardized way of preparation and service. Everything else will follow. I can see that Japanese cuisine is becoming popular and I want to add to it but in an innovative way,” he quips. 

His art goes beyond the gastronomic, awesome fusion sushi dishes he prepares.  81 SEIHAI is truly reflective of who Chef Ronnie DeGuzman is by way of the ambiance of the restaurant. With murals painted by hand by artist/photographer Mandy Martinez, under the directives of Chef Ronnie, 81 SEIHAI truly is a sight to behold, with every corner picture worthy enough for anyone to want to post their photos online.


That’s just one wall.  Imagine the other spaces, including the ceiling!  81 SEIHAI got taste, service and ambiance covered.

Music is important and even that is covered by Chef Ronnie — it will be a 360 degree “unique” experience for anyone who dines at 81 SEIHAI.  The pipe-in music is curated, plus at night it transforms into a hotspot with live musicians and DJs on some weekday evenings, while club music on weekends and hard drinks with fusion Japanese style “pulutan” are served.  It will tickle the fancy of people from all ages and walks of life. 

 Office workers can swing by to have their lunch here because of its affordability, without sacrificing quality.  Families will enjoy and create new memories here while young professionals can enjoy the evenings as they unwind, relax, eat and drink to good music.

 So, don’t forget to put it in your to-do list and experience 81 SEIHAI when it opens on April!


81 SEIHAI (pronounced as SAY HI) Sushi Lounge is located at the G/F President Tower, 81 Timog Avenue, Quezon City.  For inquiries, please call (02) 355 0367 or 0915 513 7671.


Wait for my blog about this place when I finally be able to visit them

 Thank you for dropping by and till next time




Lariza Garcia





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