6th ARC Young Leaders Camp Send Off Party

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The millennial, so much has been said and yet we cannot really generalized them. For each of them has a distinct quality that need to be nurtured and guide for them to be a better version of themselves.

I meet fifty promising and inspiring students from the country’s prime state universities and colleges during the 6th ARC Young Leaders Camp sendoff ceremony at the Century Park Hotel last January.

During the event, I was able to talk to two of the fifty campers present that day. I met Abi from Miriam and Louie from UST. They are full of energy, ready to learn and prepared themselves to be a good leader of their community and maybe someday, our country.

The ARCYLC is the annual flagship corporate social responsibility program of ARC Refreshments Corporation, maker of the well-loved RC Cola, which aims to provide a suitable breeding ground for future Filipino leaders. Carrying the banner Lead, Create, Change, young leaders will be sent to a 3-day camp where participants get immersed in leadership discussions, team-building activities and workshops with some of the country’s top movers and change-makers.

“ARC knows that inspiring and harnessing well-deserved young leaders could certainly impact their future, and later promote positive change in their community”, Mr. Gerry T. Garcia, ARC’s Executive Vice President and COO shared. Garcia revealed that for this year’s youth camp, the company has endeavored to cover more colleges, even tapping schools outside of Metro Manila like in Cavite, Laguna and Bulacan.“What had set these delegates apart from other applicants were their evident leadership qualities and determination to finish school despite the struggles, and eyeing a brighter future while serving the country in their own ways,” Garcia points out.

Over 300 student applicants were made to undergo a rigorous screening process – from paper screening to panel interview conducted by ARC executives.

This year’s delegates will be billeted at Shercon Resort and Ecology Park in Batangas from February 10 to 12 where they will engage in team discussions, experiential activities and brainstorming as part of their training. They will also be given a chance to interact with some of the country’s change-makers who could give them first-hand advice on how to create change and lead in their schools, in their communities and eventually, in society and the entire nation.

Since inception in 2012, the program has been dynamically evolving, unceasingly instilling leadership values among the Filipino youth. To know more about the program, check out https://www.facebook.com/arc.ylc.

Be a better version of yourself and be a good leader; let’s start them young and guide them for t are our future.

This is Lariza, a mother of five kids who are proud to be able to meet these students who are preparing themselves to be the role model of the future generation.



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