Legaspi Active Park and Washington Syclip Park: You’re Nature Park in Makati

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Makati City is known for its tall buildings and as one of the central business center in the Metropolis.

But did you know that they also have spaces for nature and art coverage. If you are planning to go out of town for some picnic set-up or nature tripping, look no further because a park within the central of the city is within our reach.

I am talking about the newly reconstructed Legaspi Active Park and Washington Syclip Park located at Rada Legaspit Village, Makati

What can we expect at these parks?

The park redevelopment is part of MaCEA’s largest commitment to its greening projects and improve pedestrian friendliness in Makati. Vibrant and relaxing, an assortment of Philippine trees has been preserved to provide a soothing green surrounding with fresh air. These include Narra, Bagras, Mahogany, Acacia and more. Sculptures by notable Filipino visual artist Impy Pilapil and an artistic charm to the scene.

Notable words of wisdom and motivation by Washington SyClip, the business icon whom the park was named after, provide inspirations to parkgoers. Other park features include a pond with kol, jogging paths, an amphitheater, clean restrooms, and pavilions where transients and office workers can relax and distress after hectic day. Park entrances and exits where added to provide access along natural pedestrian paths.

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With the reconstruction of these two parks, Makati has provided a space for families to just sit back and relax. There is a space for children to just play and run around.

The parks provide the community a wider breathing space that compliments the distance Makati vibe.
So, if ever you are free and want to just relax and enjoy time, Legaspi Active Park and Washington SyCip Park is the park to be
With so many gadgets that get the attention of our kids, its nice to know that we can bring them to a place where they can enjoy nature.

Taman na muna ang gadget
Taman a muna ang malls and window shopping
Let’s bring back the old days where in family plays together and chat personally
Pasyal pasyal muna pag may time
Holding hands muna while walking
That’s the old style
Dala ng picnic mat and just enjoy especially pag weekends

So pag tinanung nila

Where to go in Makati? Alam nyo na isasagot nyo



Lariza Garcia

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  1. So true momshie, kelangang magkaroon ng time sa family 🙂 layo muna talaga sa gadgets. Ang sarap maglakad lakad lang dBa.

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