Visit the Life Size Star Wars Starfighter at SM Mall of Asia

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Hello guys

Did you see the Star Wars movie already?

Well, I did and not only that, I was able to visit the Life Size Star Wars Starfighter at SM Mall of Asia
SM Cinema mounted a life size spaceship in their malls as a tribute to the upcoming and highly anticipated sequel of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

SM Cinema brings the 8th installment of Star Wars from the big screen to real life, fans can experience these full-scale installations first hand at their favorite SM malls

I was able to snap a selfie with Storm Troopers Rebel Pilots from the 501st Legion as they made their appearance at the activity centers at the Mall of Asia last December 13.

Enhancing the Star Wars experience, the latest episode of the film will be digitally remastered in IMAX. Bring the far away galaxy closer to you with IMAX ‘s vivid 3D colors and effects and hear the ‘vroom of striking lightsabers with the theater’s pitch-perfect sound.
As a Christmas treat to SM Cinema patrons, you can book anytime, anywhere with the new app, available for free in the android google play beginning December 15. Visit SM, you must catch the Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the theaters that deliver the best reel-to real experience, IMAX and SM Cinema. Buy your tickets in advance! Log on to or follow @SM_cinema on IG
#thelastjediinIMAX , may the force be with you

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