5 practical must-haves for the country’s longest and hottest summer

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Now that the Philippines is in the middle of summer, various government agencies warn of the repercussions of the gradual increase in temperature towards May.  Worsened by the El Niño phenomenon, this summer could bring record-breaking heat to Pinoys according to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAG-ASA).

While some look forward to this season, when the scorching heat begins and everyone outside is drenched with sweat and alarming cases of summer-related diseases, summer suddenly becomes no fun at all. Fortunately, scrambling to find the coolest remedies to these conditions can lead to interesting discoveries.

Here are some practical and affordable ways that Pinoys can beat the summer heat and stay cool during this time of the year:

Breathe in, breathe out

The best way to chill even when the temperature outside hits the high thirties (35 to 39 degrees Celsius) is to feel cool air all around one’s home, vacation place, or even the office. Hanabishi’s Window-Type Airconditioner offers both high cooling capacity and economy. Its fast cooling capability with double adjustable louvre feature allows for fast distribution of cool air even in a big area for less electrical consumption. Aside from its high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), it has a heavy duty compressor designed specifically for tropical conditions, making it a durable and practical choice.Summer_VS_2


Asthma sufferers can breathe more easily this summer with a Hanabishi Air Cooler. The evaporative technology and cooling mist of this home product spot-cools an area in a way that no ordinary electric fan can. It can also cleanse the air with its ionizer feature. The big water tank capacity gives up to 8 hours of cooling performance – long enough to keep the family cool during the hottest times of the day.


Easy breezy


While everyone wants to turn on the air conditioner during these scorching hot months, the country’s power supply may not be able to provide all that electricity, thus, using appliances with low energy requirement is advisable. In select rooms of the house, a comfortable temperature can still be achieved with the help of Hanabishi Aero Windmill Stand Fan with adjustable stand height. The banana-type blade of the 16-inch model provides ample cooling while keeping energy consumption low. Durable thick blades, plus a stable, balanced base that helps reduce vibration help to prolong the life of the fan, while its safety thermal fuse-protected motor gives the users peace of mind. The Aero Windmill 16SF is available in eight modern colors.

Enjoy fruits in season


Tropical fruits are one of summer’s highlights. And what better way to enjoy fruits than ice-cold? With a Hanabishi Juicer, fruits can turn from fresh to ultra-refreshing. Featuring a heavy duty motor for long-lasting performance and a stable base so there’s no spillage, less noise, and low vibration, this juicer is a budget-friendly, convenient kitchen appliance one can rely on this season.

Small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) owners can also take advantage of the abundant supply of these fruits by turning them into ice candy, frozen fruit salad, or as main ingredients for halo-halo. Whether for home use or commercial purposes, the Hanabishi Chest-Type Freezer is a practical partner. With a wide and spacious interior, its compartment can surely meet the demands of small and micro-business owners. It has a safety lock to prevent children from opening the top cover, and features multi-layered body coating and aluminum internal wall and bottom cavity for rust-free durability.

Filipino families will surely have an awesome summer with these hot picks that will do the job of busting the summer heat excellently, while being surprisingly affordable. Likewise, business-minded family members can take advantage of the season by establishing small-scale enterprises without having to shell out much capital. These items are total must-haves to enjoy and be comfortable during summertime.



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