4 Highlights of the Robinsons Supermarket FitKids Factory 2019

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Robinsons Supermarket held the FitKids Factory last June 1,2019  at the activity Center of Robinson’s Antipolo. The activities prepared by the Robinsons enables kids to be healthy, mentally prepared for school

With summer vacation almost over, most kids and parents are already excitedly preparing for a brand-new school year, getting new uniforms and stocking up on school supplies and everyday baon.

While it is nice to get our kids the things they want for school, it is also best to give them what they need to be fit and healthy-the right nutrition, physical and mental strength, and proper hygiene-to make them Fit Kids that can champion everyday challenges at home and school.

What are the highlights of the event,

At Robinsons Place Antipolo, families were recently treated to a weekend of back-to-school activities at the FitKids Factory. The three-day Robinsons Supermarket event equipped parents with the right tools and knowledge on quality nutrition, active playtime, and proper hygiene, to build healthy and FitKids for the new school year!

The FitKids Food Conveyor

At the FitKids Food Conveyor, the young ones had a fun time discovering healthy food they can eat for breakfast, lunch and recess as the conveyor belt rolled out wonderful combinations of fruits, vegetables, bread, seafood, yogurt, and milk.

FitKids Circuit relay

Cheered on by their parents, the kids also playfully ran through the FitKids Circuit relay course to discover how eggs, chicken, beverages, biscuits and powdered milk can help them build physical and mental strength.

Free Taste and Freebies

To celebrate World Milk Day, families shared glasses of milk at the Milk Bar and discovered how the hot or cold beverage can be best partnered with other healthy food to provide energy throughout the day.

Fitkids Factory Human Claw

As a grand finale, kids had an exciting time at the Fitkids Factory Human Claw where they were lowered into a box pit to choose and pick up boxes filled with surprises, including sponsors’ prizes, Robinsons Supermarket premium items, gift certificates and goodies worth a shopping spree!

All they had to do was make a minimum single-receipt purchase of P300 worth of participating FitKids and World Milk Day items from event sponsors to get a FitKids Factory Time Card and collect all stamps to play the experiential Fitkids Factory Human Claw game.

So, what can I say,

It was an awesome event, since family were able to bond and got to learn some information about nutrition and activities for the kids, not mention that they got to take home freebies. So, better watch out for the next Robinsons event .

Find out more about Robinsons Supermarket’s wellness commitment and other activities at their official website at www.robinsons-supermarket.com. ph.

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