3 Thing that you will love about Softex Hello Kitty Sanitary Pad

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Do you still remember when you had your first day

It’s a mix feeling actually, I am afraid and excited at the same time and it’s the first of so many things after that. So many decisions to make and pains that goes with being a woman.

I thought I am done with the monthly problems of my girls but now that I am a foster parent, taking care of my niece; it’s now starting all over again ( not complaining thou)

Monthly period, before during and after has its uncomfortable moments and its start with our sanitary napkin.

Recently , I got hold of Softex Hello Kitty Sanitary Pad and oh boy; how excited am I was beyond imagination. Hello Kitty has been an icon to us girls when we were young or even now. There are others that really collecting things that has got to do with a Hello Kitty and now we have a sanitary pad Hello Kitty as well.

I have three products of HELLO KITTY sanitary pad; the Softex pantyliner, the Softex comfort slim and the Softex Comfort Slim (Long)


So what do I love about the Softex Hello Kitty Sanitary Pad

 They are Fashionable

Do you remember those days when we really need to hide our sanitary pads because we are embarrassed that people might see them? Well, with Softex Hello Kitty ; we could flaunt it because of its fashionable packaging. The cute  design of Hello Kitty is all over that you won’t mind people seeing it . It is individually pack for your convenient as well


Perfect Absorption

With the liquid lock technology , it easily absorbs the wetness keeping us feeling dry and comfortable all day.  No messy feeling guys, and we don’t want that uncomfortable feeling especially if we are outside the whole day.

I love my panty liners especially before and after my monthly period and during those days that you feel you need an extra protection from wetness. Its breathable layer adds to its good qualities

 so cute design of Hello Kitty even in the inside

I so love the wide back that prevent leakage


Dermatologically Approved

One thing that we don’t want to do is scratching , feeling itchy because of our sanitary pad. I may be on my late 40’s but I still have a sensitive skin. Think about those younger than us, they can be sensitive too.

Colorful packaging

Every day, I have to go out and feeling fresh is important to me since I am hopping from one event after another. I really hate to feel the discomfort of wetness and I love the Hello Kitty Sanitary Pad for giving me an option. An option to be fashionable even on my red days.

#pawsitivelyhappy spreading the red days or every day.



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