3 Important Tips to Know What’s Best for your Baby’s Skin

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One of the things parents should look out for on their babies, especially newborns, is their skin. It connects us with our child as we come in contact to it. We feel it constantly as we cuddle and cradle them to sleep or gently touch them as we give them a bath. The skin also shields away harmful elements such as bacteria that can directly enter their body so it needs to be taken good care of even at an early age.
Here are some things to keep in mind when caring for your baby’s skin to ensure it is always clean, soft, and healthy:

1. Be observant when buying and changing diapers to avoid rashes and infection.
Diapers are essentials when handling babies. Picking the right diapers is important for your baby’s comfort. Looking for the right size is also a must. It should not be too loose that it easily falls nor too tight that the baby’s skin can easily get irritated. The Babyflo Petroleum Jelly is also best for diaper rash prevention as it is proven mild and safe for babies’ delicate and sensitive skin.

2. Stay hydrated and moisturized.
A baby’s skin is a relatively thin layer because they are still growing. Their skin is vulnerable to dry skin which may become sore and scratchy that makes the baby uncomfortable.
Giving a sponge bath and eventually a baby tub bath will refresh and hydrate the baby. It makes their skin nice and clean from any residues that may cause rashes and skin reactions. Light massages can also be done during and after bath time, to soothe and relieve them. This does not only keep babies’ skin soft but also help them reduce their stress as it boosts circulation in the body so they can relax more.
Doing these things may also serve as a cute bonding moment between the both of you as your touch and caress makes the baby feel secured and loved.

3. Be wary of ingredients used in each product. Use products with gentle ingredients, such as Babyflo’s Soap-Free Bath.
The materials you use are as important as the actions you do. The skin of a baby is very sensitive. For this reason, we must constantly check what each baby product is made of.
It is best to stray away from perfumed or strong scented products to avoid the chemicals used in these products to enter inside the body of the baby. The lesser the chemicals absorbed by the baby, the better. For washing and bathing, Babyflo’s Soap-Free Bath Wash is the perfect example of a mild and gentle baby skin cleanser because its formula is fragrance and bubble free. It is also doctor-recommended as it is hypoallergenic and paraben-free. Using products like this will surely safeguard both the skin’s softness and the over-all well-being of the baby.

At their age, a baby’s skin is still very delicate and sensitive. Taking care of it may seem like a daunting task but with the right care and use of good quality products, you can rest assured that you will enjoy smooth-sailing and worry-free bonding moments with your baby.

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