21st Century Matriarchs: the empowered women of today

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Here’s to the tireless moms for their undying love and care

Motherhood is a wonderful journey that is fulfilling as it is challenging. Every mom deserves a day to be celebrated for all the love they pour to each member of the family. From working moms to dedicated housewives, all types of moms should feel the warmth on their special day—including the new generation moms. They are starting to prove that it is possible to juggle motherhood while being at the helms of their own business.

They always want what’s best for the family therefore willing to take motherhood to the next level. It might look simple, but this complicated life role can be as tiring and stressful as it can be.

Balancing the roles of being a good mom and a successful entrepreneur is 44-year-old Nariza Puno who manages to run her own family and business at the same time.

Leaving her Human Resources career, Nariza has found triumph in being the boss of her own business. She started selling imported goods and Filipino products online, joined bazaars and eventually put up her own events agency.

With her drive to succeed, this mom of four took her love for online shopping to the next level by joining the online selling platform of Lazada Philippines, the country’s leading one-stop online shopping and selling destination, in 2014. Little did she know that this decision would be her gateway to success.

The road may not have been as smooth as she would have wanted it to be, but with a little patience and hard work, Nariza believes that this business made her achieve success without sacrificing her household needs and duties.

“I am happy with what I do. The time flexibility that Lazada Philippines gives me really fits my lifestyle, it fits my personality, it fits my goals in life,” shares Nariza.

To date, she maintains three seller accounts at Lazada which are Big Bash, One Tree Shop and Big Bash Shop.

Under these accounts, shoppers can enjoy browsing Lazada with great finds ranging from home appliance, bags, fragrances and bath supplies.

Being a woman is not at all easy, let alone being a mom and a wife. Lazada Philippines believes that women empowerment helps towards a successful motherhood and uplifts all our loving and caring moms in the best way they can.

After all, nothing is better than those made with love by a mom.

Like Nariza, you can be your own boss and grow your business with Lazada! The Lazada seller platform offers a straightforward start-up process for retailers who want to start their own online selling business. It is an effective program where several brands get signed up allowing their items to be sold online.

The platform is available through mobile application which allows sellers most especially moms to join, sell and connect with just three simple steps.

Aspiring to be a mompreneur? Visit www.lazada.com.ph/marketplace-new/ to find out more.

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