Ooh La Lash : Now Open at Glorietta

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Since I don’t have the knowhow to put mascara or even do the kilay, then I think it’s better to leave it to the expert. Our eye brows seem to be one of the most talks about besides the hair, when it comes to crown and glory. Girls spend time to just have that perfect kilay or to curl their eye lashes and that for me is a no no because I don’t have the skill to do that.

Good thing that there are now salons who does  that sort of things and one of them is Ooh La Lash Extension which opens last Sept 23,2016. It’s is run by a team of qualified personnel who could provide you eyelashes and brow grooming services in a private locations.



Having my brow tint and my eyelashes seems to be a good idea since I go out most of the time and it was a perfect time to try once in a while. I learned so many facts and information about this new service.

Eyelashes extension depends on what length you prefer, they could be synthetic or natural. You can choose between having it natural or more elaborate.  It was actually hard at first but as they say, no pain no pretty eyelashes. The service would take about an hour, and I could sleep the entire process as my attendee put one lash at time.

All products are FDA approved so you are guaranty that it will not harm your beautiful eyes. Eyelash extension could last three weeks but you need to visit once a week to replace those that fallen off.

Having my kilay and eye lashes extension made a real change in my appearance, it never goes unnoticed every time I go out.


To know more, visit www.oohlalash.com and like/follow facebook.com/oohlalashph; Twitter.com/oohlalash_salon; Instagram.com/oohlalash_salon.

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