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For those who are interested to join the TOFARM Film Festival, here the mechanics




1.         All who are interested are to submit four copies of the following requirements on or before April 20, 2018, Friday, to the TOFARM Secretariat Office, 10th floor, Harvester Corporate Center, 158 P. Tuazon, corner 7th and 8th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City:

                        – Duly-accomplished 2018 TOFARM Film Festival form available at www.TOFARM.org

                        –   Synopsis written in Filipino or English (1 page, 12pts font size, Arial, double spaced) on letter-sized bond paper. The synopsis and screenplay must not contain the name of the writer, which is to be separately submitted in a sealed envelope, bearing only the marking “Writer of (title of screenplay).” The document carrying the writer’s name must also already include his/her resume, and contact details.

–           Full-length screenplay in Filipino (in 12 pts font size, Arial, double-

  spaced, on letter-sized bond paper), in an envelope properly labeled  

  with the title of the film entry.


2.         Twelve (12) screenplays are to be short-listed from the entire lot of entries, by the Selection Committee. The shortlisted writers/directors/producers will be invited to pitch their entries before the Selection Committee, TOFARM Festival Director, TOFARM Managing Director, and Dr. Milagros How. TOFARM reserves the right to suggest directors for certain scripts.


3.         The seven (7) Finalists are to be announced in a Press Conference, on May 23, 2018.


4.         Each of the seven (7) finalists will receive a seed production grant in the amount of PhP 1,500,000.00 to be released in three (3) tranches at PhP 500,000 each.


5.         The Director/Producer may solicit additional funds to augment production costs, but TOFARM shall not be liable for reimbursement.


6.         The Director/Producer of the films must submit the following materials to the Festival committee for promotional and exhibition purposes:

–           behind the scenes (BTS) materials;

–           teaser and trailer of the film, in HD format;

–           major credit titles (soft and hard copies) of the film; and

–           vertical posters in CD jpeg format.


7.         The deadline for submission of the completed full-length film, with English subtitles, is on August 17, 2018. Said completed full-length film must be DCP-ready. From submission, it will be transferred to DCP, a process that ideally takes at least a week, care of TOFARM. The KDMs are to be derived from the DCP file.


8.         The films and posters will be submitted to the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board within the week of September 3-6, 2018. Applications for review of said films and posters need to be made with the MTRCB the week before the review.


9.         Meanwhile, the Director/Producer of the filmmust submit, within reasonable time:

–           an mp4.H264 version of the completed film, with subtitles, not lower than 6GB;

–           an mp4.H264 version of the completed film not exceeding 4GB, with the watermark violator “For screening purposes only,


TOFARM Film Festival”

–           because the above two versions are what is submitted to international film festivals, failure to submit these requirements may push TOFARM to disinclude submission of the film to said international film festivals.


10.   The Film Festival Awarding ceremony will be announced. The following prizes will be awarded:

Best TOFARM Film 2018               =          PhP 500,000 + Trophy

2nd Best TOFARM Film                             =          PhP 400,000 + Trophy

Maryo J. Delos Reyes Special Award =   PhP 300,000 + Trophy

Best Director                                             =          TOFARM Trophy

Best Actor / Actress                                 =          TOFARM Trophy

Best Supporting Actor / Actress    =          TOFARM Trophy

Best Child Performer                               =          TOFARM Trophy

Best Screenplay                                       =          TOFARM Trophy

Best Musical Score                                  =          TOFARM Trophy

Best Production Design             =          TOFARM Trophy

Best Editing                                              =          TOFARM Trophy

Best Cinematography                                 =          TOFARM Trophy

*All seven (7) finalists will be awarded a Plaque of Recognition.


So, guys, spread the good news

There might be a friend of yours who are keen into film making and would like to try. There are a lot of awesome prizes and you never know; they might be the next winner and you will now have the bragging rights to say that you are a friend of him/her

Thank you for dropping by and till next time



Lariza Garcia



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